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Administrative Assistant

In today's world, job acquisition has become an increasingly savage situation. Whether you are starting out in the career selection process or considering a degree as a supplement to existing credentials, there are options available to suit your needs.

Quality instructors will guide you through curriculum particular to your career goals. All administrators will need a firm grounding in financial accounting and market analysis which will enable the graduate to learn how to read profit and loss ratios, evaluate the information and act upon those findings. Skills in economics, marketing and business-based research will prepare you to watch for signs of changes in the market place that may forewarn of changes in the economy, understand how the economy effects business and how advantages can be gained in any economic climate. Marketing skills will enable you to watch the moods of the consumer, anticipate changes in fads and fashions so that you can provide for wants and needs as they happen. An understanding of market reports will help you to anticipate these fluctuations and adjust to capitalize on them. As an administrator, managerial finance will also fall into your realm of expertise. You will need to be able to plan a staffing budget, this will include the cost of wages, staff training and productivity and morale management.

With your degree in administration you will step confidently into the world of business, trained and ready to face all the exciting possibilities that will come your way. Positions on management teams, corporate and private sector, mid-sized business management or even managing your own business, will be well within your grasp with your degree in administration.

Publish date: February 10, 2011