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Products are successful only if potential customers know about them. Amazing new inventions, high quality new consumer products and the very best goods and services would all sit, unused on a shelf if it weren’t for the efforts of advertising and design professionals. A career in advertising and design is a career that continues to thrive in bad times as well as good and a degree in advertising and design can be the key that opens the door to that respected and well-paid career.

Companies in the advertising industry create sales campaigns and ads for all kinds of enterprises. They not only prepare the advertisements, but they arrange for their placement in various kinds of media. Ad campaigns may be aimed at newspapers and magazines, television, radio, the Internet, billboards, or any number of other creative approaches. Their goal is to increase sales by making sure the purchasing public is exposed to the available products and services.

As an advertising and design professional, your focus may be business to consumer. You’ll design and place sharp and innovative ads that will attract the market segment appropriate for your client’s product. You may choose instead to concentrate on the business to business market. Your audience will be the decision makers in large enterprises and you will help your clients sell products that cost from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are a creative person, a degree program in advertising and design might be the perfect track for you. You’ll learn about consumer behavior, about marketing, market research, and a whole range of visual arts skills and techniques.

Publish date: February 10, 2011