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Computer animation is a constantly evolving field that presents an enormous range of opportunities. Your studies at one of the growing number of computer animation schools will prepare you for an exciting and well-paid career that is, in fact, many careers in one. Today’s computer animation specialists are some of the most sought after professionals in movies, television and the world of computers.

Your degree from one of the many computer animation schools will prepare you to join the teams at major film studios in the creation of animated movies. You may decide to steer your career to the exciting world of special effects. Explosions, tornados, tidal waves, prehistoric monsters and invading aliens are all the creation of computer animators in today’s movies and television shows. Some films use computer animation techniques to expand on-screen armies to thousands.

Computer animators also find lucrative careers in advertising. A high percentage of the commercials seen on television are created in computer animation studios. The talking soap containers and other animated objects used to attract consumers are all made using skills such as digital video motion creation, 3D modeling, and electronic image creation, learned in computer animation schools.

Another exciting branch of computer animation is the world of video games. If you enjoy playing computer games or watching the vividly animated scenes on modern casino slot machines, you may choose to go into game animation. Whichever sector of the computer animation field you select, it is a career that will continue growing for years to come.

Publish date: February 10, 2011