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Assisted Living Administrator

For one reason or another, some people cannot take care of themselves. They require help with eating, bathing, playing, exercising, and taking medication. If you have a nurturing heart and a genuine desire to help others, you should add assisted living administrator to your list of career options.

What is an assisted living administrator?

In this career field, you perform many of the duties that a registered nurse or orderly might perform. Working in a hospital, nursing home, or private residence, you make certain that patients receive the daily care and assistance that they need. In many States, licensing for this occupation is necessary. After all, administering medicine is a very detailed process that does not allow for mistakes. As such, attending school and becoming certified in this field is a very safe investment.

Job outlook

There are countless people who require the help of an assisted living administrator. This number is expected to skyrocket in the next several years thanks to an aging Baby Boomer population poised for their retirement and "golden" years. The health care industry is going to have a difficult time filling the necessary positions, so you can be sure that there will plenty of work opportunities once you are certified. In fact, you might be up to your ears in work if you're lucky enough. Consequently, your pay will also be relatively stable. However, the vast majority of people who enter this field do so out of a deeply felt need to help others. Money is usually not a motivating factor. If this sounds like you, becoming an assisted living administrator is the perfect job.

Publish date: February 10, 2011