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Bridal Consultant

Weddings are festive occasions where friends and family members come together to celebrate a new union. However, getting to this point takes a lot of planning and work. Coordinating the caterers, arranging the flowers, selecting the guest list, picking out the clothes, reserving the space; this is all too much for most people to handle. There are so many small details that you have to worry about. And they all have to come together on one single "stress-free" day. That's why so many people hire a bridal consultant.

What is a bridal consultant?

A bridal consultant (sometimes called a wedding planner) is the go-to person for all the wedding preparations. You are basically a wedding producer. In this role, you are responsible for hiring the necessary staff (photographers, priests, limo drivers, and musicians), making all the necessary arrangements (sending out the invitations, reserving the wedding and reception spaces), and purchasing all of the necessary materials (food, beverage, flowers, tuxedoes, and dresses). As you can see, it is a full time job that demands organization and strong attention to detail. Naturally, a formal education in this field will prove advantageous. Most people don't like to leave their weddings to chance.

Fun, creative, and exciting

Although it is a lot of hard work, becoming a bridal consultant has many rewards. Your work is varied, interesting, and exciting. You work closely with your clients and help them create a magical experience worth remembering. The smiles (and tears) of happiness on wedding day will be a testament to your hard work and dedication.

Publish date: February 10, 2011