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Building Engineering

The world population is constantly expanding. However, the amount of usable space is limited. That's why building engineering plays such an important role in today's modern society. By constructing more practical and economical structures, we can sustain larger groups of people every day.

What is building engineering?

Building engineering is the science of designing new buildings with advanced technologies and useful amenities. In addition, you also renovate old buildings to make them more user-friendly. It's similar to architecture, but building engineering focuses more on the mechanics and science of building design. In many cases, urban planning will play a crucial role in your work since every new building you work on should play an important role in the development of whatever town or city you are in. Not surprisingly, you will need to understand all applicable federal and State regulations, permits, and zoning laws as a result.

Education is necessary

Given the complexity of your job you will need to attend school first. Not only will you need to master the math and physics behind building, but you also need to understand the laws and permits required. In many cases, you are legally responsible for your work.

Job outlook

Expect this occupation to produce a good many jobs in the near future. With urban planning, suburban sprawl and an ever-increasing population, your skills will be in demand for years to come. This will be especially true in congested cities where real estate and spatial constraints are important variables that need addressing.

Publish date: February 10, 2011