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We are living through times of recession, the IT revolution and dubious business practices. Today’s workers are expected to constantly adapt, learn and grow. A degree in business administration and management should produce graduates who possess the practical knowledge and associated critical thinking skills desired in today’s competitive and increasingly complex business world and give you the academic foundation you need for a career in business or management.

Business administration and management degrees can take the form of undergraduate associate or bachelor degrees, or online, part-time, bachelor’s and masters programs, all of which should incorporate theoretical and practical study. If you are a high school graduate, a bachelor’s degree should give you the opportunity to put your theory into practice by undertaking a business placement. For the seasoned business professional, the degree can fit in with your life and arm you with the skills needed for your next career move.

A typical program provides you with knowledge of the key areas essential in managing organizations and their administration. Core modules might include: accounting, human resource management, quantitative methods, marketing and operations management, law, finance, business strategy, public relations, international business, health care, and entrepreneurial/small business management, and ethical business practices, among others.

The increasingly global nature of business should be reflected in the methods taught. You should be given the choice of specializing in subjects that reflect your interests and career aims.

Publish date: February 10, 2011