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There was a time when everything in a person's house was made by hand. Sadly, the days of solid craftsmanship are slowly fading. Industry, mass production, and globalization have made it possible for you to buy almost anything for a fraction of what it might have cost even 50 years ago. Fortunately, however, some people still value handiwork, dedication, and genuine beauty. Cabinetmaking, thus, is an art that will never truly die.

What is cabinetmaking?

In a nutshell, cabinetmaking is the craft of making cabinets. More often than not, you will use wood for your materials, but some craftspeople also use plastic, metal, or and other durable materials. Most of your work will be custom designed to fit a person's specific kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Working closely with your client, you will select the exact materials, mood, color, and shape of whatever cabinets he or she wants.

Cabinetmaking school will definitely help

You might already be skilled in woodwork, but school will definitely provide you with many advantages that extend well beyond basic cabinetmaking skills. For example, do you know how to own and operate a business (since that is what cabinetmaking is essentially)? Do you know how to market your skills in a world dominated by mass production? Are you aware of how to locate the materials you need at affordable prices? These are just some of the areas on which your education will focus. Most important however, your study will instill you with a deeper respect and appreciation for fine craftsmanship. If you truly love what you do, everything else will fall into place.

Publish date: February 10, 2011