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CAD Drafting & Design

Drafting is the name given to the creation of drawings and plans to specify the dimensions, shapes, materials and sometimes the procedures used in completing a project. The drafting and design drawings are the roadmap that the workers, whether they are machine tool makers, stonemasons or carpenters, will use to build whatever is being produced. There was a time when all of these detailed drawings were done by hand. Each line, each section and each different view had to be painstakingly produced by the drafting and design artist. Today there are computer assisted drafting and design (CAD) tools that do much of the work. The drafting artist is free to work on the more creative detail while the computer works out proportions, relationships, and elevations.

If you would like to work alongside architects, or mechanical, civil, electronic or technical engineers and become an important part of their projects, a degree in computer assisted drafting and design is the career path for you. You’ll work from blueprints, engineering sketches, photos, and verbal descriptions, to produce drawings that are an important part of every project. Your drawings will show how parts of the project relate to each other and how machine components fit together.

Your computer assisted drafting and design degree will prepare you to use the latest CAD software releases. You’ll also learn about structural concepts and mathematics, schematic diagrams, instrumentation drawings, and projected completion drawings. Computer assisted drafting and design is a career that is still in its growth phase. It will keep growing as long as things are designed, built, and manufactured.

Publish date: February 10, 2011