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Cardiovascular Technology

The heart is one of the most amazing machines in the world. Whether you are working, sleeping, exercising, driving, or daydreaming, this amazing muscle keeps pumping away making sure that your body is able to do all the things that it needs to do. However, even the best engines need maintenance and repairs from time to time; especially with our stress-filled lifestyles and poor eating habits. Cardiovascular technology is the area that deals with making sure that our most important organ continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Cardiovascular technology careers

Physicians are not the only ones who care and monitor the heart. There are also physical trainers, nutritionists, and cardiovascular technicians. The latter group is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the expanding health care system and our ever increasing understanding of the body. As a cardiovascular technician, your job is to monitor the heart, collect the appropriate data, help doctors diagnose problems, and prescribe optimal treatments.

Education is extremely useful

The U.S. Department of Labor admits that some technicians are trained on the job, but it is quick to point out that the majority of them attend 2-4 year programs in vascular or cardiac medicine. Obviously, formal education in this field will make you better qualified in the long run.

Job outlook

This field is expected to grow more quickly than the national average for other occupations thanks to the aging Baby Boomer population (many of whom are set for retirement). Yearly median salary hovers around $36,000, but expect this to go up as the health care industry continues to expand.

Publish date: February 10, 2011