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If you have ever wanted a job with flexible hours, great pay, diverse situations, and room for growth, catering is a career you should seriously consider. It is a job that will keep you on your feet (literally), but provide you with numerous experiences and stories.

What is catering?

If you have ever been to a black tie affair, lavish party, wedding, or Bar Mitzvah, chances are, you have already seen caterers in action. They arrive early, set up the food and beverages (and sometimes the decorations), and then make sure that the guests have a great time for the duration of the party or event. In many cases, the caterers are also in charge of cooking the food beforehand, although sometimes they coordinate with a specific kitchen or restaurant first.

Hard work, but good fun

This occupation is hard work, but it is not without its perks. You get to semi-mingle with an amazing and diverse group of people. You often receive tips (which is always a plus). You get to enjoy terrific music in extravagant settings. And often, you get to eat whatever the guests are eating.

For this particular occupation, no specific formal education is required. Most of your training will be on the job. Expect to work nights and weekends as these are when most parties and functions take place. Your schedule will be flexible but unpredictable at times. If you want to rise up to management, you'll probably want to attend school first or work in the same position for a long time.

Publish date: February 10, 2011