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Clinical & Sports Massage

In the world of new age medicine, one discipline has managed to find a welcome home within the established medical community. Massage therapy has been shown to speed up the body's power of regeneration and recovery. That's why clinical & sports massage has become such a vast and exciting field.

What is clinical & sports massage?
Although there are many different styles and techniques, clinical & sports massage deals with manipulating the muscle and fascia tissue so that oxygen-deprived blood stops producing lactic acid, pain, and discomfort. If you have ever received a massage, you know how miraculous your body feels afterwards. The blood flows more smoothly, the knots are gone, and you feel almost as if you have a new body. When applied as physical therapy, a masseuse can actually help a person's body heal more quickly. This is especially useful on the playing field where athletes sustain all kinds of injuries.

More than just a rub down
A professional therapeutic massage is more than just a rub down. You need to understand how the different muscle and bone groups interact (especially if there is a preexisting injury). Your treatment focuses on helping the body recovery; not just on making the person feel better. Consequently, a degree in physical therapy, massage, or sports medicine is essential in this field. Patients want quality and professional care from licensed individuals.

Job outlook in this field
Injuries on the job, in the home, and on the playing field will continue to happen. As long as you keep your skills up, there will be plenty of work for you in the years to come.

Publish date: February 10, 2011