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Computer Applications

Computers are fascinating machines. They do our taxes, make our coffee, coordinate traffic lights, regulate room temperature, and much much more. And each one of them runs on groups of programs called applications. These computer applications basically tell the computer how to read, modify, and interpret data and instructions. And voila, your cup of joe is ready.

Who writes computer applications?
You do if you have the skills and qualifications. Computer applications are just sets of programs. If you can program in any number of languages (ex: C++, Basic), you can begin writing computer applications. You can write computer games, office software, machine instructions, or even math formulas. The world of computing is without boundaries. Who would have thought that a coffee maker would ever need a computer chip? Maybe in the next few years even our tap water and vegetables will have computer chips. Who can say?

Don't feel left out
Don't be intimidated by computer nerds who display an innate knack for programming. Anyone can learn. All you need to do is take some classes, and you are essentially a computer programmer. If you want to make a career, you probably should become certified in the appropriate language since most employers will want to see documentation of your skills.

Computers are here to stay
You don't have to read the newspapers to know that computers are here to stay. This means that there will be steady (if not exponential) demand for qualified computer programmers. Take some courses and start putting your skills to the test. There is plenty of room for creative input.

Publish date: February 10, 2011