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When America was still an agrarian society, a person's education focused on planting and harvesting crops. When America entered the industrial revolution, training dealt with manufacturing and textile production. Now that the age of information has come, doesn't it make sense to concentrate on computer education and technology?

What does computer education mean?
Almost all jobs in our modern society deal with computers at some level. Computer education, thus, focuses on training people to use this technology in order to increase productivity. Mastery of html, office software, programming, and data management are essential in today's competitive world. If you were a computer educator, your job would be to help technophobes (of which there are many) understand how computers can actually improve their output and functionality.

You must train before you can train
Naturally, in order to teach computers, you must already understand computers. Proficiency with Microsoft products doesn't count. You actually must understand the inner workings of PCs and the programs on which they run. Thus, certification in data management, programming, Web design, and software is essential. Most employers will require some degree of formal training before they deem you qualified to teach others.

After the hurdle
While schooling does take some time, just know that a world of opportunity awaits you thereafter. Computer technology is advancing at such a fast rate that there is no way for most people to keep up with advances. As such, your skills will be in high demand; increasingly so with each successive year.

Publish date: February 10, 2011