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Conflict Resolution

People are social animals. We commune with one another on a daily basis. Rarely do we go for long periods of time without any sort of human contact. While our interdependence is our greatest strength, it is also our greatest weakness. Conflicts, problems, quarrels, and disputes crop up all the time. Conflict resolution is the field that seeks to address potential interpersonal issues through mediation and diplomacy.

Are you the right person for conflict resolution?
If you considered yourself open-minded, diplomatic, and patient, perhaps this is a career that you should seriously consider. Your job will be to help quarreling parties resolve their differences in a peaceful and constructive way. You basically help both sides identify their differences, goals, desires, and frustrations. By helping them verbalize their grievances and listening (this is very important) to what the other has to say, you can often find comprises that satisfy both parties. It's not always as easy as all that which is why training is sometimes necessary.

Conflict resolution training
There are numerous conflict management or social work programs out there from which to choose. Depending on the exact sector you decide to enter, you will sometimes need additional information specific to that industry. A conflict resolution specialist in a business setting might be required to know different economic or marketing matters that would not apply to a conflict resolution specialist who worked in a law firm or school. One thing is certain however. As long as people keep working together, conflicts will arise. And thus, they will need to be resolved. This is one of the safest career fields imaginable.

Publish date: February 10, 2011