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If you already work in the construction industry, you may feel that you have the ability and the experience to move up to a management position. Maybe you’ve watched construction managers at work and thought “I could do his job”. Well, perhaps you could. But you will need to reinforce your experience with some formal training if you want to succeed as a construction manager. Whether you are coming from within the industry, or want to develop a career from scratch, a degree in construction management should be seen as a must-have.

The ideal route into a construction management job is to combine construction experience with some relevant education. A degree in construction management or science, or civil engineering, should satisfy most employers. A bachelor’s degree program will include a very wide range of courses, reflecting the breath and depth of knowledge that you will require as a manager. You can expect to study many aspects of construction, project control, engineering and architectural planning, business management, and so much more. Your degree will probably take four years to complete, but you will emerge with an impressive array of professional expertise at your command.

Your employment prospects as a qualified contraction manager should be good. As both the level and complexity of building work increases, employers will have a growing need for managers who can offer the right practical abilities backed up by a degree-level education.

Publish date: February 10, 2011