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Dental Hygiene

Graduates of schools that specialize in dental hygiene will prepare you to be a successful dental hygiene professional and build a career out of keeping your patients mouths healthy and clean.

What is Dental Hygiene?
The field of dental hygiene describes the medical professionals that help you keep your mouth healthy. Dental hygiene professionals have specialized training in oral techniques from accredited dental schools. Any career in the medical field is hot lately, and dental hygiene graduates will tell you that this is no exception. Your dental hygiene program will prepare you to take dental x-rays, complete initial dental examinations and evaluations.

What Positions are Available for Dental Hygiene Degrees?
Graduating from one of the accredited dental hygiene schools will place you in a prime position for growth in this challenging field of medicine. The position of dental hygiene professional is the primary direction in your career. As a dental hygiene professional, you will be the patient\'s first contact when they enter the dental office. You will prepare them to be seen by the dentist, and you will follow-up with post dental check ups and appointment scheduling.

What is the Career Outlook for Graduates with Dental Hygiene Degrees?
S with any medical career, the employment growth outlook for graduates with dental hygiene degrees is promising. As the general population declines in health, and as we gain more and more people every year, the need for career dental hygiene professionals will continue to increase. The pay is above average and the free dental work is an added plus.

Publish date: February 10, 2011