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Humans are the only animals on the planet that express themselves creatively through art. Our ability to create and respond to music, paintings, and poems is documented throughout human history. Caveman paintings, Renaissance art, and jazz music are just some of the many manifestations of our desire to be understood. In recent years, computers have allowed us to expand these horizons and develop even more media for creative expression. Design & visualization is a growing field that melds technology with art.

What is design & visualization?
It is a broad category that applies to computer animation, graphic design, video games, 3D art, 2D art, lifelike simulations, Web design and traditional drawing. Using computer software, you can create an entire universe from the comfort of your PC. You can create masterful pieces that rival anything Picasso or Warhol could have imagined.

Becoming certified in this field is easier than you thought
If you have a creative side and a gift for art, this is a great start. However, you'll also need computer knowledge. Programming is not essential since many of the more advances applications have user-friendly interfaces. However, familiarity with operating systems will definitely aid you in your career. A strong foundation in art will also help. That's why many aspiring artists pursue a bachelors in design & visualization. But you can also receive certification in a variety of related fields as well. Suffice to say that your progress will be greatly assisted if you complete some type of formal training.

Publish date: February 10, 2011