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Digital 3D Design

Computers are amazing tools that have allowed us to explore the depths of space, cure diseases, and improve education. But medicine and science are not their only uses. The art and entertainment worlds have also embraced computer technology in recent years. Video games, movies, and television are obvious examples of how digital technology can improve creative expression. If you enjoy working with computers and have a love for art, digital 3D design is a career option worth considering.

What is digital 3D design?
Art has never been solely two dimensional. Remember Rodin's famous statue "the Thinker?" These days, however, art has become increasingly complex. With the right training and skills you can create a lifelike 3D universe complete with characters, settings, and storyboards. You can create a thousand Thinkers against the backdrop of a Hawaiian sunset. And you can make it look as real as the world in which we currently exist.

How does one get the training?
The most direct path into this career is by getting a degree or certificate in digital 3D design. Many schools offer this or similarly themed majors. However, you can also focus on some combination of 3D art, computer programming, video game programming, digital media, and computer science.

With degree in hand
After your certification, you can expect to work in any number of industries. Film and television are the two most obvious areas, but there are opportunities almost everywhere you look. Many companies use digital 3D design in their television commercials, so if there is a particular area that appeals to you (sports, electronics, dating, fast food), you can help design ads for that specific industry.

Publish date: February 10, 2011