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Digital Animation

Ever since Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie came out in 1928, animators have been looking for faster and cheaper ways to produce cartoons. Drawing each frame painstakingly by hand is a laborious and tedious process. It was only when computers came along that animators could produce cartoons very quickly. However, until recently, even computers had their limitations. You could save a lot of time and effort, but you couldn't necessarily program the computer to do most of the work for you. Thanks to digital animation, however, that all has changed.

Digital animation, and how it works
In digital animation, you can basically program the computer to anticipate new sequences. Instead of outlining every second of animation, digital animation allows you to input certain instructions and the computer can create the necessary background and action that you require. Although creating these formulas can be quite complex, they end up saving you a tremendous amount of time. You can create a realistic flight sequence without having to input every single detail.

Training is important for this career
Not surprisingly, training is essential for this career. Not only must you possess a strong artistic background, but you must also be adept at computer programming as well. Whether you're making commercials, movies, or films, employers will want to know that you possess the requisite skills for the job. Thus a degree or certificate in digital animation is necessary.

The digital revolution
Just as Steamboat Willie sparked a revolution its day, so too has digital animation changed the world of cartooning today. Increasingly modern media has come to rely on computer technology. Expect there to be many jobs in the future.

Publish date: February 10, 2011