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Not so long ago, video editing was expensive and complicated. The advent of digital video editing technology has reduced both the cost and complexity of editing. In many ways it has done for video editing what word processing software accomplished for writing. As a digital video editor you would edit film, soundtracks, and video for motion pictures and television. The amount of video footage produced these days is vast, and there is always a need for skilled editors. The rapid growth of the Internet has fuelled a demand for video on websites, which has in turn created more opportunities for digital video editors.

There is far more to video editing than just cutting out mistakes and redundant footage. A skilled editor is responsible for weaving the raw video footage and soundtrack into a seamless and convincing whole. It is work which requires artistic sensitivity as well as technical skill.

A degree program which majors in digital video editing may offer a wide variety of courses. You can expect to study digital and audio production in considerable depth and to take in special study of computer software which is an essential arrow in the quiver of the modern editor. Other courses may explore wider aspects of the film, design, and media industries.

Whether you choose to work in film, broadcast television, cable, or the Internet, your degree will help you get that all-important first job in digital video editing.

Publish date: February 10, 2011