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Commerce and business have enjoyed something of a renaissance thanks to the rise of the Internet. Instead of coordinating transactions, distribution, and marketing with phones and faxes, you can handle everything online; usually in a fraction of the time. In addition, you can save money by doing comparison shopping all over the world. Instead of buying goods from the closest retailer, you can find the best prices in the world. Frequently, you will end up doing business with companies on the other side of the globe. E-business has changed the world for the better.

What is e-business?
Short for electronic business, e-business is basically any type of transaction, banking, or investing that takes place online. Using credit card merchant accounts, you, the vendor can accept payments entirely online. Customers can shop around, investigate and research your products or services, and make wise buying decisions. While this increased competition means that you have more rivals with which to contend, it also means that you have access to many more customers. A buyer in Italy might want whatever you're offering. In the days before the Internet, the likelihood of your ever meeting was pretty slim.
It's still business
E-business is still business, so you'll need to master the essentials if you want to grow in this field. An MBA is a great option, but you can also complete a degree or certificate in marketing, accounting, or finance as well. In addition, you'll need to brush up your cyber skills. Web design, search engine optimization, and online advertising will also prove vital to the success of our operation.

Publish date: February 10, 2011