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E-Commerce Engineering

E-commerce engineering describes a wide range of professional services including custom software programming to meet the needs of a client, designing computer hardware systems or networks, and specialized consulting. Business clients will ask you to link all their employees in a corporate intranet or possibly internal networks, and likely all connected to the Internet. E-commerce engineering experts help clients build a computer network to suit their current or future needs, and you will need to develop, install, and implement the required business system. You will need to then train your clients in using the computer network or software you have designed for them. Troubleshooting or design deadlines can sometimes require long hours or work on weekends.

Study Program Details
Education credentials for those in e-commerce engineering are not firmly established. However, while a business may hire someone without formal training to handle one or two specific tasks based on reputation, a bachelor degree or higher is desired for the comprehensive array of e-commerce engineering tasks. An advanced degree in a related technical field or in business administration with emphasis on information systems is common. For elective courses or ongoing educational opportunities you should consider closely related areas to increase your industry comprehension.

Possible Jobs and Salary
Design of computer systems and related services is an industry that continues to grow rapidly. If you pursue an e-commerce engineering career you can expect to remain in one of the top growth industries. With more and more businesses engaging in electronic commerce expertise in e-commerce engineering should provide plenty of employment possibilities. Experienced persons in this occupation can earn an average salary between $60,000 and $85,000 or more.

Publish date: February 10, 2011