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College graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of 62% more income than non-college graduates, according to the US census bureau. Among the many degree courses on offer, e-Commerce is one with its eye fixed firmly on the future.

The burst of the dot-com bubble does not mean the end of e-Business. The shrewd company with an eye on the future will be combining e-Business with more traditional ways of running and marketing themselves. In fact, there are few degrees more relevant to the world we live in today.=

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in e-Commerce will combine the study of the fundamentals of commerce, business and information technology, emphasizing the technology skills necessary to create, maintain, and manage web-based or web-enhanced businesses and to promote and conduct your sales on the web.

It is not a programming course in the vein of a computer science degree, but seeks to instill the necessary computing and business knowledge for graduates to become e-commerce-focused web developers. It is anticipated that the blend of theory, skills training and practice offered will enable graduates of the program to confidently implement new solutions in rapidly changing environments.

Information technology modules would include business system development, project planning, operating systems, programming, databases, networks and telecommunications, the internet and web, and e-business. The business elements of the program will include courses in management, organizational behavior, financial analysis, marketing and sales.

The emphasis will be on producing employable graduates ready to work effectively and successfully in e-Commerce.

Publish date: February 10, 2011