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Echocardiography is a technical field within the health care industry. Echocardiography technicians use non-invasive techniques such as ultrasound to examine patients and help their physicians diagnose problem areas. Technicians carry a great deal of responsibility as they choose which of the ultrasound images should be sent on to the physician for review and diagnosis. As an echocardiography technician you need to have good communication skills to help patients understand the technology you are using. You will also need to interview your patients to obtain relevant medical details.

Study Program Details
Training for echocardiography technicians can be completed in study programs of 2 to 4 years in duration. Few technicians are trained on the job these days so finding a school with an echocardiography program should be one of your first steps. In the first year of studies you can expect an array of core courses suited for cardiovascular technologists, cardiac Sonographers and echocardiography technicians. The second year of studies is where you will begin to specialize in your field with courses geared to your desired career. If you are coming to an echocardiography career from another health profession you may need to complete just the second year of specialized studies.

Possible Jobs and Salary
Employment trends suggest that growth in this field will be faster than average but the actual number of echocardiography jobs will continue to be small. In 2002 there were just 43,000 echocardiography positions across the nation. Approximately 75% of those jobs were in hospital cardiology departments. The average salary for echocardiography positions in 2002 was $36,430.

Publish date: February 10, 2011