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If you are looking to excel in the area of teaching or administration then an education PhD might be what you are looking for. With an education PhD you can specialize in classroom instruction, research, administration, or educating other teachers. The leadership skills, practical knowledge and advanced education theories you can attain with an education PhD can help you become an acknowledged expert in the field of your choice. With this achievement you will have the confidence and competency to work with others on educational projects including further publication.

Study Program Details
An education PhD requires that you write, and defend a doctoral dissertation adjudicated by a group of your peers. A dissertation requires a great deal of research and writing in your area of desired expertise. Working without the structure of a classroom can be daunting which is why education PhD programs will likely ask for proof that you have the research skills and writing ability necessary to complete a dissertation. Each university may have its own set of requirements for entry such as the successful completion of an exam or an intensive interview. Once registered for an education PhD program you may have a time restriction such as a 7 year period in which to successfully complete and defend your dissertation.

Possible Jobs and Salary
An education PhD can prepare you for leadership at high levels. Whether your aspiration is to be the principal at a high school, teach at college, or wear the mantle of an academic dean at a prestigious university, an education PhD is a crucial milestone in that direction. Administrative leadership positions can earn annual salaries between $80,000 and $100,000.

Publish date: February 10, 2011