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Educational Counseling

Educational counseling (an education degree) is not a vocation for everyone. Your primary responsibility will be to help students make decisions with respect to further education and career choices. You may also assist students with problems that come to your attention due to behavior in their classroom or unusual academic progress. Educational counseling (education degree) prepares high school students for college or university entrance requirements and helping teenagers make the right selection of courses is an important role.

Study Program Details
Educational counseling (education degree) in most States requires certification and possibly the completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree. You may need to have both counseling and teaching certificates in order to work in public schools in some States. Most vocations in educational counseling (education degree) are carried out in elementary or secondary schools. An educational counseling (with education degree) career in a college or university is likely to require a master degree. You can expect some supervised experience in clinical counseling as part of your studies.

Possible Jobs and Salary
The average salary for someone in educational counseling (education degree) is approximately $3,500 per month although this can vary with experience, education and your employer. Benefits are the same as for teachers and in school settings will usually have summers off. With your counseling and teaching certifications in hand, you can look for education counseling (educational degree) jobs in schools or school district offices, non-profit organizations, and in State and Federal government.

Publish date: February 10, 2011