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As a college freshman might say, ?electives are cool!? College elective courses provide students direct insights and experiences with subjects always wanted to investigate or already love. These courses are often optional classes that either augment and strengthen your college major, or allow you to dabble in subjects that are unrelated, but still enhance your understanding. Some are downright enjoyable.

Electives are refreshing in that they are not rote and ritualized classes that make up core major studies and requirements. You can depart from rigid career-oriented work and gain some balance in your studies. Or, you can choose elective classes that increase the breadth of your major, further prepare you for life after the university, and deepen your personal skills. Others may contribute to your physical or emotional well-being.

Be Your Own Best Advocate
When considering your electives, choose wisely. Fun and balance does not always equate to frivolity. A ceramics class may be just the thing for an overwhelmed business major, but will it contribute to your overall objective? Perhaps an entry-level class in advertising design would lighten your spirit and at the same time broaden your career objectives.

It?s equally important, if you?re considering changing schools or applying for graduate entry, that your target school accepts your elective choices. For example, will that state university science department accept your community college astronomy survey class? Balance is the key when it comes to electives. Once in a while, that golf or rowing class may keep you from burning down your dormitory during final exams.

Publish date: February 10, 2011