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Electrical Technology

So much is powered by electricity that it is close to impossible to imagine a world without it. The modern home and office, factories and airports, schools and hospitals, indeed most of our civilization, would collapse without electricity.

Just as well then that (according to the US Bureau of Labor) there were nearly 700,000 electrician jobs in year 2000. We truly need those people to service, maintain, and repair a vast array of vital electrical equipment. And, as we become increasingly dependent on electricity, the job outlook for skilled electricians should be very good indeed.

If you would like to make a career as an electrician, you may be interested to know about training opportunities. It is still possible to train as an electrician through on-the-job experience. This will not, however, give you the best opportunities. If you want to compete for good electrician jobs, then a formal training will give you an advantage. The usual training program takes the form of a four or five year sponsored apprenticeship. This will combine classroom teaching with a high degree of supervised work experience. The training is so thorough that, if you complete your apprenticeship successfully, you can work in either maintenance or construction. You may also obtain electrician training through trade schools or online colleges.

There are many good jobs open to trained electricians. You can work in areas such as industry, telecommunications, or construction. You can also specialize in residential work, installing and repairing electrical equipment as required.

Publish date: February 10, 2011