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Elementary Education

A career in elementary education (an education degree) can be very rewarding as you help young students reach or recognize their potential. You can assist children by teaching the basic subjects they will need to apply in their lives and in further education. This is a task with incredible responsibility. You will try to teach students social and problem solving skills that will later help them become good citizens. Elementary education (education degree) plays a crucial developmental role in young children and is a serious role you can take pride in.

Study Program Details
Your vocation in public elementary education (education degree) begins with at least a bachelor degree, certification from a teacher education program, and licensing. Proficiency in your subject area is required and can be tested during the job application process.

Possible Jobs and Salary
The average salary for teachers in elementary education (education degree) was between $39,000 and $44,000 in 2002 with $30,000 the approximate starting salary. Additional education or participation in extra-curricular activities such as coaching team sports can add to your income. Your elementary education (education degree) career can be spent with one group of students at a time or in some cases as a part of a team effort. Some teachers find additional employment during the two months of summer vacation, such as summer school or tutoring.

Publish date: February 10, 2011