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If you think that a degree in English doesn't prepare you for anything but teaching or reciting Shakespeare, you are wrong. English, a language spoken by people in countries all over the world, is a communication tool that is used in business and science. In fact, there are an a large number of career that require the skills learned by English majors. So many occupations have need of individuals who are college educated and can write and speak articulately. In fact, numerous employers have stated that good oral and written communication skills are high on the list of desired traits for most jobs.

Today's college English student learns skills far beyond the basic boundaries of grammar and literature. They learn the art of influencing and persuading other people, and how to present alternative points of view. English students learn how to clarify ideas and how to make oral presentations. Of course, the understanding of basic grammar is still important. Many jobs depend on editing skills and the ability to summarize ideas. The literature side of the study of English translates to job skills such as creative and interesting writing, and the aptitude for comparing interpretations.

While many English majors aim at careers in public relations, publishing, writing, media, and teaching, there are a variety of other career choices as well. Graduates with degrees in English are also found in entertainment, financial institutions, the health care industry, and anywhere that general knowledge and a well-grounded education are respected.

Publish date: February 10, 2011