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Enterprise Applications

A career in enterprise applications involves consulting with business owners regarding their business' computer needs in regards to hardware, software, and training. These professionals help business owners find all the necessary computer applications that will help conduct their business in a more efficient way on a daily basis.

As an enterprise applications specialist, you will visit different businesses to help the owners and their employees decide what hardware will best meet their needs as an enterprise. You will show them all different types of hardware such as monitors, laptops, printers, keyboards, and many more products.

While visiting with businesses, an enterprise applications professional also explains all software options available. This includes all computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Corel. The software category also includes specialized software for programs used for taxes, legal documents, and reference materials.

. Training
Enterprise applications workers are also involved in training. These professionals go to businesses and train all employees and business owners on how to use their new hardware and software. The employees attend these training sessions on a regular basis, too, to keep abreast of all of the new technology as it becomes available. The training sessions also teach them how the new products will help make their job easier and quicker.

Education Needed
Most employers require at least a bachelor's degree in a related field in order to work as an enterprise applications specialist. Obtaining a higher degree will open up many additional windows of opportunity, as well as provide numerous advantages and perks.

Publish date: February 10, 2011