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Entertainment Business

The entertainment business is comprised of three main categories. The first is live entertainment. This category includes theater, sports, concerts, casinos, and music clubs. Another category is captured entertainment, which includes music CDs, movie theaters, and movie DVDs. The last category is simulated entertainment. This category encompasses all computer games, game machines, simulation tools, and simulated experiences.

Career Opportunities
The entertainment business offers numerous job opportunities. Some careers in this industry are film, music, performing arts, theater, and amusement and theme parks. There are also sectors of the entertainment business like accounting, education, electronics, financial services, law, management, production, publishing, and research. All of these help make up the entertainment business.

Working Conditions
Working in the entertainment business can be tiresome. Most workers may be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays because this is when most places are the busiest. Some jobs in this industry require extensive travel. Other working conditions experienced by these professionals include the possibility of having to work outdoors, and even in hot, crowded, or noisy places. In some cases, entertainment professionals are required to have physical strength and stamina due to the manual labor involved with their particular job. Another requirement for some jobs is being able to work well with the public because many of these jobs require customer service responsibilities.

Although many workers in the entertainment business do not have any formal education beyond high school, it will greatly benefit you to enroll in a college or university course program. While talent and skills play a vital role in this industry, having a degree will increase your chances of success and most likely increase your salary.

Publish date: February 10, 2011