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Fashion Marketing

The most exciting and innovative clothing designs in the world are useless without the work of fashion merchandising and marketing experts. Your degree in this constantly growing field will make you part of the leading edge in the newest trends and styles. You’ll get to see the new designs months ahead of the public and you’ll help the public know what’s hot and what’s not.

If you enter the dynamic field of fashion merchandising and marketing, you’ll help your company develop its marketing strategy. You’ll analyze the demand for your company’s designs and you’ll study what the competitors are doing. In earning your fashion merchandising and marketing degree, you’ll learn how to understand fashion trends even before they happen. You’ll participate in the development of pricing strategies and new product development.

The merchandising side of the work involves the selection and ordering of merchandise to be sold through retail channels. The merchandising expert visualizes the life cycle of each product and then creates the sales and profit projections for it. She or he chooses the size style and quality assortment that is needed in order to ensure steady sales. The merchandiser goes to fashion shows and design showings to choose and order the goods that will appear in the retail outlet that season.

Merchandising can also involve the creation of display concepts and store displays to make sure the fashions are seen to their best advantage. When the prospective customer arrives at the point of sale and makes a purchase, it is the fashion merchandising and marketing specialist who deserves a good portion of the credit.

Publish date: February 10, 2011