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In the field of financial services, you will be helping businesses and organizations make and manage money. In order to be successful in this field you need to be mindful of the future, have an interest in money or numbers, and an interest in helping people. There are several career choices in financial services.

Financial Services Careers
There is a steady demand for insurance, with auto, home, life, and health insurance representing the basic types of insurance available. A financial service career could mean helping people with policies and claims.Most banking careers demand a focus on providing a high level of service. If you decide to pursue a career in banking, you might work for a traditional bank, a credit card company, or a credit-reporting agency.While there are several accounting specialties, all demand high ethical standards. In the accounting field, you might work for public accounting firms, corporate businesses, the government, or for yourself.Asset management uses money to make money. An asset manager?s goal is to convert client?s money into assets in a profitable manner. As an employee in the asset management field, you might work for corporations, mutual funds, banks, and individuals.Investment brokers assist investors in buying and selling stocks and bonds. A broker should have a combination of integrity and sales ability.

A profession in financial services normally requires a college education. The type of financial services career you choose will determine the amount of studying required. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a college education is increasingly important for those interested in financial services because it helps in the understanding economic trend and conditions.

Publish date: February 10, 2011