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Food & Beverage Mgmt

As a food and beverage manager - also known as the food services manager - you will be the operations manager of a restaurant, looking after the day to day running of the restaurant, and co-ordinating activities that involve more than one department. Food and beverage management touches every area of the work of the restaurant, from working with the chef to make sure that his choice of menus can be successfully delivered, to liaising with clients, ensuring that their experience of the restaurant has been satisfactory.

A Degree in Food and Beverage Management
Traditionally personnel worked their way through several roles in a restaurant and then were promoted to food and beverage management; today you will be expected to have a degree in catering, hotel and restaurant management or some related subject. Your work in food and beverage management will be very skilled but also very diverse, and the need to have relevant skills and knowledge is now such that higher education is necessary.

Although in many smaller restaurants and in some institutional catering establishments the role of food and beverage management is undertaken by the general manager or the executive chef, in many larger multi-outlet restaurant chains and in hotels, the food and beverage manager has a department of their own.

Food and beverage management is the role of making the restaurant work on a day to day basis, and to be a food and beverage manager you need to have tack and patience as well as the right qualifications. This role gives you the ability to run a restaurant on a day to day basis - and gives you a really satisfying job.

Publish date: February 10, 2011