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You cannot ignore the growth of the computer and interactive game industry; its value is forecast to be around $30 billion worldwide in a report by DFC Intelligence. This is a career that you need to consider if you are interested in the artistic and technical aspects of computer games, and if you think you could develop real talent in game design/development.

An industry of this size, with the social and psychological impact that games have, attracts the attention of many different social institutions. Increasingly the academic community is becoming necessary to be able to build on the skills that will take the industry forward. Academic involvement is also necessary to help to spread the skills developed in the game design/development industry into other areas where they can be utilised.

Increasing Academic Involvement
Because of this increasing academic involvement, there are a number of different learning programs that you can study to help you to gain entry into a game design/ development career. They are available at all levels, from diplomas and certificates to master's degrees in subjects such as computer graphics and technology. Some universities have set up specific initiatives to help to progress the games technology and design areas, giving prominence to research and development from staff and students, and in conjunction with some of the industry leaders.

Your career in game design/development is dependent on a sound knowledge and understanding of the technology that forms the basis of the industry. The best way to make sure that you have the correct foundation for your career is to study with the experts.

Publish date: February 10, 2011