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If you are interested in geography and cartography, you will find that you have a foot in two camps - that of the earth sciences, along with geology and oceanography, and that of the social sciences, along with anthropology and archaeology. Careers leading from the study of geography and cartography are many and varied, and it might be as well to consider the aspects that most interest you before you elect which program you are going to study.

Military Applications
Military applications of geography and in particular, cartography give you career opportunities in tactical planning and other areas of warfare. Today most military applications are related to weapons deployment and other tactical, social and political issues.

Social and Historical Applications
Geographers and cartographers are involved in archaeological and anthropological research; the mapping of the physical characteristics of land often gives major clues as to the historic use of the land. Social geography is a major aspect of anthropology, marking territorial aspects of a culture and how they change.

A degree in geography and cartography is a necessary basis to your career in geography or cartography, and will give you a wider view of the aspects of this subject. You will see how technology has impacted on this subject area, in particular the use of aerial and space image making, and the use of applications such as global positioning systems has on geographical information systems. Geography and cartography are subjects that form the basis of many other subject areas, and give you the opportunity to consider a large array of career.

Publish date: February 10, 2011