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Health Unit Coordinating

In today's health service, it is necessary to make sure that medical professionals can be allowed to practice the skills that they are trained in. One of the ways of making sure that this happens is to employ other people to look after the co-ordination and administration that are necessary in any health unit. This health unit co-ordinating role involves both administrative, communications and medical skills, and is now recognised as a specific job within the health service.

Appropriate Qualifications
If you are interested in becoming one of the health unit co-ordinating professionals that carry out this role, you will need to study for an associate's degree in health business administration, or in health unit co-ordination. You will learn the administrative and office skills that the role demands, including using health and medical information systems, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, communications with patients, relatives and medical professionals, and unit management. You may decide to become certified with a body such as the National Association of Health Unit Co-ordinators, giving you a professional certification that will be recognised throughout the profession.

Your career in health unit co-ordinating will mostly be served in a hospital or clinic, making sure that the health unit that you manage is running smoothly, and information systems and communications are working well. Health unit co-ordinating is a necessary part of making sure that the health service runs effectively and efficiently. You may decide to take your career through all the steps of health management, having laid the basis of an understanding of the health service at the point of delivery.

Publish date: February 10, 2011