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Hospital Patient Registration

Working in the front line of a hospital takes the ability to remain cool, calm and unflustered at all times. The reception of any hospital emergency department is a fast moving area, and as a hospital patient registration specialist, it is your job to make sure that organisational tasks are achieved.

Working with Medical Information Systems
As a hospital patient registration specialist, you could work anywhere in a hospital. Your duties will include recording patient demographics and making sure that they are registered accurately on the hospital computer systems. You will be responsible for carrying out the hospital admission, transferring and discharge procedures, and will be involved in the bed allocation management in the hospital.

In order to be able to be instantly effective as a hospital patient registration specialist, you need to undertake a training program in hospital patient registration. There are several programs that are on offer to enable you to learn both the theory of the hospital information systems and your role in maintaining them, and to gain practical experience. You will be able to use the training systems that your college provides, and in some cases you will be able to serve an internship in a supervised environment in a hospital.

Becoming a hospital patient registration specialist enables you to work in a medical environment, dealing with patients and playing your part in making sure that they receive the right treatment in an effective and efficient environment. You will have the satisfaction of both creating a career in healthcare, and of contributing to the welfare of other people.

Publish date: February 10, 2011