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Working in hotel management is no sinecure. You will find, like doctors, that you are expected to work all hours of the day and night. All hotels have a 24 hour duty manager roster, and most members of the hotel management team are expected to serve on it. And like a doctor, if things go wrong on your watch, then you are responsible.

A Responsible and Satisfactory Job
However, there is a great deal of satisfaction in taking on this kind of responsibility, and the average hotel manager stays in post for 6.7 years - a long time for one job. If you have an eye for detail, like working with people, like to take responsibility and enjoy making a job yours, then you will enjoy hotel management.

Traditionally, you have been able to start in the profession by becoming a waiter or a porter and work you way up into hotel management, but today's hotels are complex business propositions, run on strict financial and corporate guidelines, and you need a good business education as well as knowledge of the operations management to be offered a position in hotel management. For this reason most people study a degree in hotel management and then find a place on a training scheme run by one of the large hotel chain companies. This gives you the theoretical and practical background that you need to succeed in hotel management.

Publish date: February 10, 2011