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Hotel and restaurant management are involved in two of the largest service industries in the US. The food service industry employs some 11.5 million workers and the lodging industry some 1.16 directly, supplying jobs for more than 7.5 million. Hotel and restaurant management is about the effective management of these human resources, as well as financial management and marketing.

Qualifications Give You Entry to the Profession
Although some of the older hotel and restaurant management came into the industry without qualifications and worked their way up into management positions, today you will need to gain a qualification in a suitable subject such as hospitality management and then enter the profession. Many people work with larger companies of hotel or restaurant chains; gain experience and then purchase and manage their own business. Others work their way to the top of the profession and then work in allied businesses such as the management of the owning companies of hotel chains, or property management companies.

You will need to like working with people to be a success in hotel and restaurant management. It will be your place to act as liaison between the owners of the business and the staff, and also between clients and staff. You will also need to have an eye for detail, as there is nothing that is not important in the hospitality industry. You will be responsible for both the financial success of the business and for building the reputation to customers - usually the ultimate test of success. But most good hotel and restaurant managers enjoy their job and have great pride in the business that they manage.

Publish date: February 10, 2011