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Whether you're a HR professional seeking to validate the skills and knowledge acquired through years of practical experience or a relative newcomer to the HR field looking to strengthen your resume, a degree in Human Services and Human Resource Management provides you with the means to do so.

The importance of the human resource department
The vast increase in work-related court cases is one reason why human resource departments are growing in both importance and size, both in corporations and governmental organizations. Assisting with legal proceedings is only one of a wide range of important duties. These include recruiting, selecting, training, and evaluating personnel, and administering compensation and benefit programs. Job prospects in this growing field are excellent, making a degree in human services and human resource management a smart move.

It’s an obvious point, but to succeed and assist in this career you must be passionate about people. Whether you choose to attend college or use distance learning programs online, you will be looking to cover at least some of the following areas: strategic management; workforce planning and employment. planning; human resource development; compensation and benefits. Chosen specializations would include relevant, contemporary areas such as conditions of work, health and safety, industrial and organizational psychology, motivation, morale and discipline, recruitment (including training).

The variety of careers in this field is ever growing, ranging from human resource manager of a company to corporate recruiter. Once you have the right qualifications on your resume, you can start on the path to success.

Publish date: February 10, 2011