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Humane & Environmental Studies

The environmental movement started in the early 1960s in the US, and over the last 40 years has become a major political and social influence on our society. However, environmental and other related issues continue to proliferate, and there is a recognised need to have well educated, informed and experienced people to work with the non profit making organisations that make up much of this movement. Humane and environment studies examine and support this movement

Specialties Related to Non Profit Organisations
Working in and with non profit organisations has many similarities to working in business organisations, but there are also some vital differences. You need to be aware of the wishes of the people funding your organisation; you are working on their behalf, and they are funding you to fulfil their particular aims and desires. You need to make the funding work towards these aims, and also to be able to communicate this to the funders and to other interested bodies. Political lobbying, advocacy and marketing for non profit making organisations are all major tasks, as well as fulfilling the normal management of the organisation.

There are three major areas that are on offer in humane and environmental studies programs, those of research and fact finding, non profit organisation management, and advocacy leaders for non profit organisations. If you are interested working with in the environmental movement, you are likely to get involved in one or more of these areas, and you will find that studying humane and environmental studies will help you to gain the knowledge of this area that you need to be able to work effectively.

Publish date: February 10, 2011