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The humanities are a collection of subjects that provide the background to much of our studies today. The content of humanities change depending on what definition you look at, but the core subjects are usually as follows: The classics (Latin and Greek); Literature and literature criticism; Philosophy; The study of religion; Jurisprudence; Art, art history and art criticism; and Area studies.The humanities are usually grouped with social sciences and natural sciences as being the three components of the liberal arts and sciences. Academic and Intellectual Importance Studying the humanities gives you the academic underpinning of the more practical and applied studies that many people undertake. It can be argued that studying the humanities allows you to develop academic and intellectual abilities; you can then use these to form the basis of the rest of your education. There is no doubt that if you are well educated in the humanities you are more aware and fitted for life. Teachers use the group of subjects in the humanities as the basis of education at both elementary and at secondary school level, and it is no accident that most degree programs have liberal arts courses. These help you to understand the principles of much of our society, to learn from history how our society developed, and to understand the aims that our society makes for itself. It could be argued that studying the humanities allows us to track our progress as a species, and so is of vital importance to everyone.

Publish date: February 10, 2011