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Creative people who like to draw can have a successful and rewarding career in illustration. Illustrators are part of many different professions and a degree in illustration will prepare you to enter the field you choose.

Illustrators may choose to work in book and magazine publishing. Children’s books and magazine articles all need visual additions. Book illustrators are often considered equal to the writers whose books they illustrate and share the credit as well as the income.

Medical illustration is another specialized field that offers steady employment to illustrators. Even though modern photographic techniques allow doctors and surgeons to document procedures and anatomical features, they still use illustrators. Medical textbooks and charts are still illustrated by hand. A related field is police and forensic illustration. The trained professional, such as you will become when you pursue your illustration degree, can draw a wanted suspect from witnesses’ descriptions.

Product illustrators and fashion illustrators earn high fees for working with designers and creating sketches or finished drawings for use in advertisements, catalogs, or brochures. In addition to the designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retail vendors all use the services of illustrators in presenting their products.

Architects and engineers rely upon illustrators to translate technical details into clear drawings. These renderings are often displayed alongside models and blueprints when projects are presented to funders and public commissions.

Cartoonists, caricaturists and animators are also trained illustrators. If that is the direction you choose when earning your illustration degree, you may have the pleasure of seeing your work being displayed to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Publish date: February 10, 2011