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Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the process of conceptualizing, designing and developing specifications that produce the optimum appearance and function of products. The industrial designer shapes manufactured goods, machines, systems and procedures in a way that is best for the end user as well as for the manufacturer.

An industrial design degree will put you into an elite career that can continue expanding without limits. You will learn to have the eye of an artist, the mind of an engineer and the soul of a businessperson. The industrial designer’s work is seen in all areas of production. Consumer products such as appliances, tools, sports equipment and automobiles all started from sketches on an industrial designer’s desk. Machines and even manufacturing processes are also created by industrial designers.

Your industrial design training will give you a solid background in design concepts. You’ll learn about materials and about manufacturing techniques. You’ll also study such areas as marketing psychology so you can understand what users want in a product, how they use it, and what can turn them off about a product. Problem solving and conceptual thinking are also part of your industrial design studies. You may also study such related fields as computer science and the theories and practice of mechanical design.

If you want a career that will keep you busy well into the future, that is well-paid, and that will give you a role in shaping the world of the future, a degree in industrial design is the right choice for you.

Publish date: February 10, 2011