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Industrial Management

Internal industrial management involves the management of people and the management of machines. Efficient manufacturing means that the process of manufacture has to be analysed and broken down into its constituent parts. Each of these parts is documented and the actions necessary to complete them are worked out. Industrial management oversees this process, and then goes on to link it with the financial and human resource implications.

If you are interested in industrial management, you may decide to specialise in this process. You could become a job planner or estimator, arranging the manufacturing process. You could become a factory supervisor, managing the day to day work of the shop floor and interacting with the other management disciplines in the company. There is another branch of industrial management which deals with the sales and marketing side of production. Depending on the products manufactured, there often has to be a direct link between the manufacturing process and the customer, and this link is provided by the manufacturer's representative.

Modern industrial processes have a tendency to become increasingly automated, with less involvement of manpower. Although this changes the emphasis of much industrial management, it also means that machine maintenance and repair are a major factor in the planning of the manufacturing process.

Entry into industrial management depends on your qualifications, and usually requires you to have a degree in a suitable subject. You will be able to enter the management grades at this level, creating a career that is interesting and can be very lucrative.

Publish date: February 10, 2011