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Information Security

Today, organisations have a total dependence on their information systems to be able to operate, and information security is one of their major needs. There are many threats to the validity and completeness of information, including threats from inside the organisation - incomplete and inaccurate recording, hardware and software corruption, and lack of data verification. Threats from outside the organisation include viruses and worms, attack through gateways to networks, and industrial espionage.

Information Security Specialists
Most large organisations employ information security specialists, working to make sure that the correct procedures are in place within the company information systems and working in co-operation with other organisations - including software and hardware manufacturers and other users - to make sure that the threats to information security are minimized. There are a number of different organisations and forums that form a lobby to the software and hardware industry, and that share information about threats and solutions so that the information environment is as secure as possible.

If you are interested in working in information security, you will need a good education in information technology and information systems. You will also need some specific training, including technical knowledge of networking and training in information security. Most people who work in this area have a deep knowledge of software and networking, enabling them to understand the nature of the threats that they are dealing with.

This is a growth area, and careers can be made in information security. You will find that if you have a talent for investigation and technical ability, you can create a successful, interesting and lucrative career.

Publish date: February 10, 2011