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Instructional Media Design

A career in instructional media design will allow you to use your artistic skills and your knowledge o f technology to help students learn more effectively. You will design learning packages using different media - including computers, web sites, CD-roms and other technology to deliver learning materials to students in the most effective way.
Effective Learning
Different people learn in different fashions, but certain learning is more effective if it is delivered over a medium that gives students control over how they learn, and the time that it takes them to learn. By designing learning packages that students enjoy and can take control of, you will help them to learn more thoroughly. You can use your artistic talents to work out high impact materials, giving emphasis to the salient points in a learning program. You can use technology to allow repetition of materials that the student may wish to revise and review. Instructional media design allows you to design learning packages that work for the materials that are to be delivered, and for the students that learn from them.

Although it's not absolutely necessary to have a degree in a relevant subject to enter this profession, most employers will expect you to have one, and a degree certainly makes it easier to find the right job in instructional media design. You will probably find that once you start to work in this area you will need to devise a program of continuous education, as new technology products and new ideas in learning will impact on the way you design your learning programs. Your career will progress faster if you keep yourself aware of new developments, and you will gain more satisfaction from your job in instructional media design.

Publish date: February 10, 2011